1Can NRT really change my career?
There are an estimated 350,000 massage therapists actively working today. Only about half the industry has their own practice, while the other half works for someone. The combined annual average salary is only $27,000. That’s not only sad, it’s pathetic. The average successful career span is only 5 years. Doing something for only 5 years is NOT a career, it’s a hobby. The problem is that too many therapists don’t know how to make it happen for themselves. When you do massage you limit yourself and your shelf-life. When you specialize, and offer a service that is in great demand, you become valuable and you become marketable. There are more than 100 million people suffering and not enough specialists to fix them. THIS IS THE VERY REASON WE ARE DOING WHAT WE ARE DOING! This little numbers problem is the backbone of capitalism as we know it today. It’s simple SUPPLY and DEMAND. Not enough therapists to help and WAY too many people who need that help. This IS the opportunity of a lifetime as a massage therapist. It’s a modern-day gold rush for the industry! We teach you the tools and give you the skills to avoid becoming an industry statistic. This training will EDUCATE you to stand out, but it will EMPOWER you to WANT more!
1Can I really make more money with NRT?
YES, it’s ABSOLUTELY true! We train you to become and EXPERT, a SPECIALIST. What do specialists do? They specialize! They do specific things very well and they charge specific fees BECAUSE they do specific things very well. As a neuromuscular performance specialist, you SPECIALIZE in ELIMINATING chronic pain with NRT, PERIOD! You are no longer a massage therapist and have taken the steps necessary to separate yourself from the pack. NRT rates start at $125 per session and require a minimum of two treatments per week. If you only work 16 hours a week you’ll earn more than $100,000 per year. So yeah, we’re pretty sure you can make a little more money.
1What is brain based healing?
You must first understand that ALL PAIN LIVES IN THE BRAIN. Brain based healing is simply understanding that the brain is in complete control of the healing process, not you! Once you understand that it’s out of your control, you will immediately begin to change lives. Most therapists are great at finding knots or tight spots, but very few are skilled at LISTENING to what the brain is telling you when you touch someone. We BELIEVE that the brain holds the secret to healing EVERYTHING that ails us. We KNOW that it holds the secrets to freeing people from chronic pain. We simply teach you how to LISTEN TO THE BRAIN through touch. It will tell you EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to know!
1What is Neuromuscular Reflex Therapy (NRT)?
NRT is a brain-based guided tour of the entire neuromuscular system. Once you’ve mastered the basics of palpation, the clients brain does all the work. The science of NRT is based on the fundamental protective reflexes within our nervous system. NRT has grown completely from pure science and basic physiology surrounding the pain and protection systems that allow us to function on a daily basis. These protections simply become stuck within the muscular body and will typically go undetected to most professionals. It’s hard to find something when you don’t know what to look for or where to look. It’s INSANELY easy, however, when you do. Identifying these patterns of protection reveals the roadmap to success. Removing them eliminates the brain’s need to protect, thus ELIMINATING CHRONIC PAIN PATTERNS that are THE ROOT CAUSE of prolonged CHRONIC pain.
1What is a Neuromuscular Performance Specialist?
NRT is all about learning and understanding the bodies neuromuscular system and how to change it like never before. When you understand this system on such a deep, yet simple, level and how it affects pain, energy, and performance levels, it allows you to effectively treat any human being in practically any situation. We define neuromuscular performance as your body’s ability to perform physical tasks at optimal levels on a regular basis. When the body can’t physically perform at optimal levels there is ALWAYS a neuromuscular deficiency somewhere in the system. NRT gives you the skills to identify ALL deficiencies within each client, every time! A neuromuscular performance specialist not only eliminates chronic pain and dramatically improves sports performance, but can explain how they do it and why it works. Tell someone you’re a massage therapist and the conversation ends, right after they ask you to rub their shoulders. Tell someone you’re a neuromuscular performance specialist and suddenly, you become quite interesting. A neuromuscular performance specialist specializes in NRT.
1How can you claim that NRT is the easiest technique (ever) to eliminate chronic pain?
There are really two reasons. First, we understand and respect that the brain oversees the entire process and all we must do is listen to it. And Secondly, we have ELIMINATED ALL THE GUESSWORK that tends to plague many therapists. It’s true, there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO GUESSING with this work. Is the right hip rotated anteriorly causing knee pain? Does the head side-bend during shoulder abduction? Is forward head posture affecting the posterior thorax? Is pelvic tilt causing the back pain? You know what we say to these questions? WHO CARES! WE NO LONGER THINK, WE JUST FEEL! IT’S THAT EASY! Gone are the confusing posture exams. Say goodbye to your goniometer. Once you understand that the clients brain guides you through each treatment you no longer have to guess. It’s truly an amazing process! Oh yeah, and you sit down for the entire treatment!
1Can NRT stand alone as a treatment for chronic pain?
Yes, NRT can stand alone as a safe and effective treatment for chronic pain, but it can also greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of many other modalities, such as chiropractic or physical therapy. We have NOT invented a new therapy. We have NOT re-written or re-packaged an existing therapy. All we HAVE done is taken the very complex and confusing world of chronic pain and human performance and reduced it to the MOST EFFECTIVE, SIMPLE, and UNDERSTANDABLE therapy possible.
1How effective is NRT and how long do results last?
Most clients experience more than 50-80% reduction in pain levels in the very first session with complete symptom relief in an average of 6-8 treatments. Sessions are scheduled at a minimum of two times per week depending on severity. Most people can expect sustainable recovery in less than three weeks. Yes, even 10 or 20 year issues can be resolved in only a few sessions. Once compensating patterns are removed clients can expect complete recovery.
1Who needs NRT?
There are an estimated 100 million people who suffer from some type of chronic pain every day in the United States and traditional medicine has failed these people miserably. There is an active EPIDEMIC of OPIOD abuse in this country because nearly ALL people who suffer with chronic pain simply don’t know where to go when they hurt. People are dying every day because they just don’t think they have another choice. So, who needs NRT? Your friend, your neighbor, your mother, you father…EVERYONE needs NRT. We know that sounds a little cliché, but we can’t do it alone! We’ve created this institute so that we can train amazing therapists to become amazing healers and slowly begin to rid the world of chronic pain.