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Students of NPI walk away with NEW knowledge of how the brain responds to pain and the tools they need to become successful as a Certified Neuromuscular Reflex Therapist (CNRT).

About the Founder

Paul Ruth

Paul Ruth is an unassumingly quiet and humble guy who just happens to have an amazing gift. He has had successful career that has defied the odds and spanned more than two decades. Paul has owned several performance clinics throughout his career and currently owns and operates a chronic pain clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. As an already successful neuromuscular therapist, he pioneered his own, easier way of doing things and getting results when he developed NRT in 2002. He is a corporate workplace expert on workman’s comp and cost avoidance and has been a featured presenter for companies such as American Airlines, Dial Corporation, Go Daddy, United Technologies Corporation (UTC), as well as Vanguard and American Express. Paul has been a featured lecturer at the SW Dental convention as an expert on permanently eliminating TMJD. He has worked with the PGA Tour, has several top tour professionals in his client base, and is considered by many in the golf industry to be one of the top golf performance therapists in the country. He has traveled working with NBA owners, players and staff. He’s worked with many professional organizations and players including NFL, MLB, NHL, as well as pro beach volleyball. He has been very fortunate to work with some of the best athletes in the world, but Paul is most proud of being able to rid his everyday clients of their pain. With the more than 25,000+ treatments performed over the past 20 years, he still sees an average of 8 clients per day.




There are so many choices for continuing education that it can be a little overwhelming, we get that! We also get that most of the confusion is simply because many therapists lack SPECIFIC direction for their career path. We are here to change that and help you create an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on your future in your business.
At the Neuromuscular Performance Institute, we will empower you to take control of your career and learn from over two decades of tried and proven experience in the world of chronic pain and performance. We will teach you to become inspired and learn a revolutionary treatment to fix your clients pain quickly and permanently.


How NPI Helps You Become A Successful Neuromuscular Performance Specialist.

Led by Paul Ruth, Master Neuromuscular Reflex Therapist (MNRT), the Neuromuscular Performance Institute (NPI), has trained hundreds of therapists to become uniquely successful with the specialized technique of Neuromuscular Reflex Therapy™ (NRT). For the last 20 years Paul Ruth has created and performed NRT and helped thousands of clients from all over the world eliminate chronic pain. As the only therapy Institute in America to train in Neuromuscular Reflex Therapy™, Paul Ruth has now opened up his secrets and private playbook to helping other therapists learn his revolutionary techniques to help even more people and earn more income for themselves. With a combined experience over 60 years, you now have the opportunity from the NUMBER ONE Master Trainer and his amazing staff. NPI will also help you learn to Market, Brand, and Capitalize on the booming and untapped chronic pain and performance market. With these unique skill sets, you will now be able to work part-time and earn over $100,000 per year eliminating your clients chronic pain permanently!